Wednesday, 3 August 2016

“Quality is best attained when improved from source” 

Quality and delivery excellence is what iCare Life thrives for. Training and developing people in their convenient environment, on the globally followed standards will give substantial rise in the quality of services they provide.

This is why iCare Life has taken a big step to bridge the distance…or rather cultural gap by moving to one of the source of service providers, Myanmar.

To begin the new Chapter I travelled to support my newly hired colleagues for launch of first Caregivers Training in Yangon. Bustling with traffic and drenched by rain, land of Stupas gave a feeling of eternal tranquility.

Being at new place, we had concerns on appropriate preparations so our Campaign began nervously on 11th July 2016. As we progressed, iCare Life training methodology not only gave us tremendous confidence,  but also excited the Trainees. However, real jubilation came when we found the assessment results. All trainees performed more than expected, which was largely due to rigorous yet enjoyable curriculum. This gave us the reason to celebrate and we did that on Graduation day by wearing iCare Life T-shirts and waving the Certificates.

My trip ended with successful launch, but this is new beginning for iCare Life and my colleagues in Myanmar. I wish them all the best and ensure them all support from rest of iCare Life family.

iCare Life Caregiver's Training First Batch - Yangon, Myanmar

(Writer is a member of iCare Life Family)


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