Tuesday, 24 January 2017

As the demand of Eldercare is increasing in Singapore and around the world, to meet up the situation, more and more skilled people are required to fill up the gap. Thus, iCare Life has teamed up with VWOs like Daughters of Tomorrow and Homage to fulfill the need of increasing Eldercare Manpower by skilling low income women in Singapore.

Although there is an interest in Eldercare jobs, awareness on importance of training's is missing. This is where iCare Life and its associates are trying to draw attention on.

iCare Life Eldercare training is divided into two parts: where first part is more to inculcate interest in Eldercare and second part is to skill the serious candidates for providing the service.

Part One: Community Eldercare Workshop
This is an introductory course for those who intend to move into the senior’s industry. This course acts as a bridge to overcome the apprehensions on Caregiving and helps them make guided choice on Eldercare as a career.

Part Two: Caregivers’ Training
Designed for serious candidates who are keen to build up their career in the industry. Programme equips the participants on how to perform Caregiving tasks. This course has two segments; E-learning, done using iCare Life’s online multilingual content with running time of 5 ½ hours, and 7 hours of Classroom session including Practical & Theory Assessments which are conducted by Agency for Integrated Care,Singapore (AIC) approved Trainers.

The course curriculum is approved by AIC, thus provides access to Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) provided by Singapore Government.  Based on competency course trains on, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) like bathing, feeding and dressing, mobility issues such as use of mobility aids, transfer skills and home safety.

iCare Life Training has already helped low income women from DOT to secure jobs. One of them is Madam Fadzelah, you can read about her journey here at Straits times.

Read about us in Straits Times here 

To know more about the course, you can mail us at contact.sg@icare.life or register http://bit.ly/2km5hjS or visit us at www.icare.life . Alternatively, you can also call/WhatsApp us at +65 8322 0253.

(Writer is a member of iCare Life Family)


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