Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The service industry is growing at an exponential rate and so is the demand for a well-trained, technologically savvy workforce. iCare Life Pte. Ltd. is a social enterprise offering training courses that conform to global standards. We offer a unique opportunity to the informal workforce in Singapore, specifically those associated with care for the elderly and children as well as chauffeurs and drivers. By educating them on finer nuances like etiquette, grooming, communication and a general code of conduct, they can become professionals in their field and improve their standards of living.

Our vision is to convert the current ‘family support services’ into a formal industry by establishing standards, building capabilities and providing hassle free access, and in the process, enriching the lives of millions of people – not just the care seekers, but the care givers as well. Based out of Singapore, we have plans to expand our operations globally.

As Singapore is home to a large number of elderly citizens (around 700,000), this course has been designed to best suit their needs. The courses in eldercare have been approved by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) set-up by the Health Ministry of Singapore.

The training programmes/certification courses are delivered in a way that individuals can learn the skill sets at their pace – anywhere and everywhere. The candidates that enroll go through comprehensive assessment tests to obtain the coveted iCare certificate.

When it comes to the drivers and chauffeurs iCare has designed smart driving courses to improve their driving skills and overall competence. The drivers are also taught the finer aspects of grooming and the importance of a clean appearance whilst on the job. They are taught to be courteous and respectful whilst conversing with their respective passengers.

At iCare Life, we are committed to ensuring all our learners have the technical knowledge, behavior, attitude, and self development tools to become better and provide the best service.

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