Monday, 7 September 2015

“Care giving involves time, commitment, and sacrifice. While the role as a caregiver seems intimidating, you are not alone and there is always help and support available to walk you through the journey.”   

As caregivers, emotions and passion will take you a long way but care giving is not just about that. Your empathy will help you deal with people under your care but you also need the right skill set to be able to confidently don the role of a caregiver.

The basic knowledge you already possess forms an excellent starting point for developing professional skills. iCare Life’s learning modules enable caregivers to receive guidance, counseling and direction. Not only that, caregivers also get an opportunity to rehearse what they have learnt.

For the elder caregivers, we have three certification courses that give you specialized training related to handling medical conditions or chronic disorders. If taking care of elders is challenging, taking care of children is even more so. For children, we have certification courses involving essential day to day care activities like bathing, feeding, dressing, etc. It is not enough to just provide care; but effective care.

At iCare Life, we have content for courses, which have been benchmarked by global standards. Staying on top of your professional skills will infuse greater fulfillment and purpose into your care giving career. With the right skills, your career will branch out into a whole different route. It is a great way of learning the finer nuances as well as developing an overall conduct with the elderly or the young.


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